Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You Have Questions About Storm Damage We Have Answers!

When it comes to filing an insurance claim after a storm or having restoration work done to your interior there are a lot of questions going around in your mind. We are here to ensure you have a full understanding of the process, benefits and everything that has to do with Storm Damage Restoration!

Will this make my insurance premium go up?

MAYBE! Yes the answer is MAYBE- we aren’t trying to give you a politician answer however that IS the answer and here is why: Insurance companies calculate your premiums on a variety of factors that make sense such as:

  • Climate
  • Proximity to water (flood plain)
  • Proximity to a fire station
  • Attractive nuisances (i.e. pools, trampolines, fountains)

Those are just a few of the considerations an insurance company uses to determine your homeowner premiums. With all of that said, if your area was impacted by a storm it is something the Insurance Company anticipated. Stuff happens, it is the entire reason for insurance!

So yes your insurance premiums may go up as a result of a storm, however regardless if you restore your home’s exterior the insurance company is factoring this into your premiums, your neighbor’s premiums, and your area’s residents’ premiums.

What does it cost for Premier Plus to inspect my home?

Nothing, even when we fly the drones! There is no cost to you, we invest our time and technology to ensure to the best of our ability that we are helping you submit a valid claim to insurance. Our investment in technology and our amazing team of Expert Storm Damage Inspectors is all to save you time. Additionally, there is no cost to your Insurance company either for us to inspect your home for exterior damage.

How long does a storm damage inspection take?

Generally speaking for an average-size home it takes 30 minutes. Our process is thorough and efficient because we have worked with the Insurance companies extensively to know exactly what pictures & information they need in order to process a claim.

What do you cover as part of your Storm Damage Inspection?

Our inspection is a full exterior inspection covering what is referred to as the “envelope” of the home. We take High Definition pictures and inspect at a minimum the following:

  • The entire roof from a macro AND micro view
  • Gutters and downspouts/li>
  • Windows and frames
  • Siding

Are YOU Insured?

Absolutely we are, our insurance is better than most of our competitors as it covers any and all Premier Plus employees who set foot on your property. Not all companies in our industry have the coverage we do. We understand the importance of doing business the right way for our employees, customers and insurance carriers as well.

Do you work with my Insurance Company directly?

You better believe it! We work with ALL Insurance companies and may even know personally your agent and/or inspector! We understand that most homeowners will file very few claims if any during their lifetime. That is why our team of Storm Damage Experts is well versed with the insurance claim process after a storm.

We help you:

  • File a claim with your insurance company
  • Meet with the adjuster during your adjustment
  • Understanding the insurance summary & what it means
  • Work with the insurance company if there are additional findings
  • Follow up with the insurance to get the funding for restoration

What if my insurance company doesn’t approve everything that needs to be repaired after a storm?

We have an entire TEAM dedicated to this for you! This happens from time to time when an Insurance Company may miss some restoration that needs to be done. We have an amazing Auditing team that goes through every single summary to make sure you are receiving what you need to have your home looking as good if not better than before!

What if I can’t pay my deductible?

We have options for you! We understand that sometimes the insurance policy you received was to save some dollars on the premium and so a higher deductible is owed now. You have several options available to you.

You can work with your bank, especially if they are the ones that you have your mortgage through, it is in their best interest to have the work done on your home as it is their asset as well. Another option is to work with one of our partners with deductible financing as well found here.